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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What about IDLs and Second Level Es and Os?

A. Now included!


Known issues

None reported at this time.


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Version History

v1.7 (July 2014) Updated entire CfE Machine web application to MySQLi standard for long term future proofing.
v1.6 (May 2014) Added support for Gaelic and all other missing subject areas. All subject areas are now included.
v1.5 (Jan 2013) Added 'Quick Summary' views to display at-a-glance coverage of all Es and Os.
v1.4 (Nov 2012)
All Second level Es & Os added. IDL functionality added.
v1.3 (Nov 2012) Added support for IDLs.
v1.2.1 (Nov 2011)
Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances the 'My Hits' value for some subject outcomes could have been wrong. Now fixed.
v1.2 (Aug 2011)
Level 4 outcomes (SOC 4-19a to SOC 4-22b) moved to Business Education outcomes.
v1.1 (May 2011)
Added 'more info' link on menu screen. System now profiles delivery of The 4 capacities and CfE Design Principles for each school.
V1.0 (April 2011)
First public release.